iOS 16 Privacy & Security

Last Monday Apple released a big update to its flagship mobile operating system, iOS (the software that runs your iPhone). Today I’ll give you a run down of the new security and privacy features in iOS 16. (There are tons of other features, too – if you want to check out the full list, click …

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Dear Carey (Podcast Q&A)

I’m going to start accepting questions from podcast listeners, to be read on-air! I’ll pick out some of the best ones and answer them on the show. To make it more interesting, I’ve got some incentives, too! First of all, everyone who submits a valid question will be entered into a monthly giveaway! What I …

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Schedule Shift

Just a quick note… I’m shifting my blog and newsletter timing by one week. It will start up again next week and repeat every two weeks from there, as usual. I keep my blog and newsletter in sync with my podcast news shows, and I’m shifting those by a week to accommodate a few things …

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How to Prevent Cyberflashing

For some reason, men feel compelled to share pictures of their genitalia, somehow certain that others will be thankful for the gift. And if the settings on your Apple devices are too permissive, you may end up being an unwilling recipient. This hit the news headlines recently when a flight to Cabo was nearly grounded …

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guest network

Be My Guest… No, I Insist

Security isn’t just about preventing bad things from happening. While it’s always better to avoid breaches and malware, you have to also be prepared to diminish damage when they happen. One of the best, time-tested strategies for mitigating the effects of a break-in is compartmentalization. Submarine compartments all have water-tight doors that can be sealed …

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Deleting Your Way to Better Security

All software has bugs. Therefore, the less software you have, the fewer bugs you have. In other words, the fewer applications and plugins you have installed, the fewer the opportunities there are for your computer or smartphone to be hacked. It’s a mathematical certainty. In the cybersecurity realm, we call this “reducing your attack surface”. …

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password vault

More Uses for Password Vaults

I’ve talked a lot about password managers, but I’ve mostly focused on generating and storing passwords. That frankly should be reason enough to use one. But there are many other great reasons for using a password vault. The key thing to understand is that password managers are just digital vaults. They can hold all sorts …

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Secure Your Files with Cryptomator

Cloud file synchronization is extremely convenient and today it’s nearly ubiquitous. You might not even be aware that you’re using it right now. These services allow you to synchronize the contents of a special file folder across multiple devices through the internet. When you add a file to this folder, or make a change to …

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Amulet of Entropy

For the past 9 months or so, I’ve been working on a secret project. To maximize the big reveal, my partner and I have kept this under wraps… until now! It’s hard to describe what this is succinctly, unless you happen to be part of the DEF CON #badgelife subculture. While DEF CON itself has …

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Total Cookie Protection?

Mozilla just released a new version of their Firefox web browser. The key new feature is something they’re calling Total Cookie Protection. This feature was accessible in earlier versions of Firefox, but now it’s supposedly on for everyone by default. But is it? The very fact that I have to ask the question should raise …

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