Operation: Book Surge

I don’t like asking people to do things for me. And even after doing this for 10 years, I still feel awkward touting my book and podcast. It’s no wonder that I suck at marketing. But I often have this nagging feeling that I’m very close to breaking out, that I’m near a tipping point. […]

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web backup

How to Backup Other Data

[This Part 3 of a series – be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2, too.] While we’ve discussed how to backup your local data and data that’s primarily stored in the cloud, there are some other types of data that you may also want to make a personal, local copy of: data that

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cloud backup

How to Backup Cloud Data

[This Part 2 of a series – be sure to read Part 1 and Part 3, too.] Many of the services and apps we use today are based in the cloud. But what happens if that service goes down or even out of business? You could lose all that data forever. Where possible, you should

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How to Move to Mastodon

Social media today has gotten totally out of hand. I’m trying to simplify my online presence and focus on one platform. I’m going to try to convince you to join me on Mastodon. The Social Media Catch-22 As someone who needs to maintain a public profile, I struggle with defining my presence on social media.

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How to Choose a PIN

I’ve written often about the importance of choosing strong passwords. But most physical devices are protected with short PIN (personal identification number) codes. How do you pick a good one? Let’s figure out how to choose a PIN. How NOT to Choose a PIN It’s probably best to start with how not to choose a

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It’s Time to Quit Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser is by far the most popular on the planet – it runs on 67% of desktop computers globally. But Chrome is also one of the worst for user privacy and it’s about to get even worse. We need to support private alternatives or they may not exist much longer. Google Chrome &

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My Take on TikTok Ban

I’m not sure why I feel compelled to stick my head into this beehive, but this whole TikTok ban thing is a hot mess. I understand the concerns, but the proposed solution doesn’t begin to solve the real problems. I think there are better articles about this, for example EFF, 404 Media, and Lifehacker. But

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Account Security is Broken

I spend a lot of time talking about the virtues of strong passwords (or maybe passphrases) and two–factor authentication. I’ve written about promising new authentication technologies like passkeys. But in many cases, all of that is moot. Your account security is only as secure as its weakest link. And just about every account you have

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Treasure & Coin Promo

It’s been way too long since I’ve given away some of my highly-collectible, security-enhancing dragon challenge coins. I’ve also been working with some of my favorite security and privacy companies to offer an ongoing benefit to my annual Patreon subscribers. Read on for details! Dragon Challenge Coins A few years ago, I minted a limited

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