200th Podcast: A Brighter Future

Be sure to tune in on Monday, December 28th for my huge 200th podcast episode! Not only will my guest be none other than the world-renowned cybersecurity guru Bruce Schneier, but I’ll be giving away almost $1800 worth of stuff!!

The focus will be looking ahead to brighter future and a better internet. Bruce and I will be discussing his new venture with Tim Berners-Lee (father of the world wide web) called Inrupt and its radical re-imagining of personal data protection dubbed Solid.

The rest of the show will be focused on making our lives better in 2021, including several suggestions for personal New Year’s resolutions from myself and several top industry experts. Let’s face it, 2020 was a dumpster fire – but it’s within our power to make next year much, much better!

The giveaway will include signed books from Cory Doctorow and myself, great books from Apress, free hardware from Purism and Winston Privacy, and free services and swag from companies like Consumer Reports, DuckDuckGo, Malwarebytes, Fastmail, and ProtonMail. Still working on more, actually! It’s going to be huge!

Or just search on “Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons” in your favorite podcast app!

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