3rd Edition of Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons Released

It’s been over two years since I published the 2nd edition of Firewalls – and this update is a whopper! The third edition is 400 pages long and has 152 tips in it (compared to 326 pages and 131 tips for the previous version). It’s the most comprehensive version yet, updated for the latest Mac, Windows, iOS and Android versions, as well as updated for the changes in the threat landscape over the last two years.

These tips are the digital equivalent of wearing sunscreen, brushing your teeth, and putting on your seat belt – these are things we should all be doing. And since we’re all connected these days, 24/7, they’re also like immunizations: the more people that do them, the safer we all are (even those that aren’t yet immunized). This book is like a safety manual for your digital life.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey! Special thanks to my new publisher, Apress – while I’m very proud that I self-published the first two editions, it’s been a real pleasure working with a top-notch publisher.

As I say at the end of each podcast: Stay safe and don’t get caught with your drawbridge down!

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Don't get caught with your drawbridge down!

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