Best of 2022

Once a year, I look back and pick my favorite privacy and security resources: articles, podcasts, tools, websites, books, apps, you name it. I have a Resources page with a larger list, but these are my current top pics. These would be great to share with others, too.

Top Articles

Podcasts & Blogs

If you haven’t gotten into podcasts yet, you really should give them a try. I find it’s easiest to consume them while doing mindless tasks, like running on a treadmill, making dinner, doing household chores, or (in the before-times) commuting. Note that some of these sites call out “privacy” specifically, but they also cover security (they go hand in hand).

Web Tools & Apps

There’s been an explosion of websites and tools to help you secure your devices and protect your privacy. Lots of great options here.

Books and Documentaries on Security & Privacy

The books here would make great gift ideas.

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