Best of 2023

Once a year, I look back and pick my favorite privacy and security resources: articles, podcasts, tools, websites, books, apps, you name it. I have an extensive Resources page with a larger list, but these are my current top pics. These would be great to share with others, too.

best of 2023

Top Articles

These are the top articles from 2023.

These are some of my top articles of all time.

Podcasts & Blogs

If you haven’t gotten into podcasts yet, you really should give them a try. I find it’s easiest to consume them while doing mindless tasks, like running on a treadmill, making dinner, doing household chores, or (in the before-times) commuting. Note that some of these sites call out “privacy” specifically, but they also cover security (they go hand in hand).

These are my top interview podcasts from Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons in 2023.

Here are some other great security and privacy podcasts.

Web Tools & Apps

There’s been an explosion of websites and tools to help you secure your devices and protect your privacy. Lots of great options here.

Books and Documentaries on Security & Privacy

The books here would make great gift ideas.

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