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This web page is your one-stop-shop for all things related to my book, Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons! See the links in the table below for the version of the book you have. For further explanation of these resources and images of the book covers, scroll down.

5th (2023)Book LinksErrata & UpdatesWorkbook
4th (2020)Book LinksErrata & Updates
3rd (2018)Book LinksErrata & Updates
2nd (2016)Book Links
1st (2015)Book Links

Book Links

My book has a lot of web links in it. If you have the paper copy, you can’t click on them. Also, links have a nasty habit of changing over time. So I’ve collected a list of all the links in the book, in order of appearance, broken down by chapter.

Errata & Updates

Technology changes at an alarming pace and I strive to keep this book as up to date as possible. I’ve published four updated editions since the first edition was published in January 2015! If I have important updates to my recommendations or find errors in the book, I will publish errata here. You should skim through these updates before you implement any of the Tips from the book.

If you find any errors in the latest edition of the book, please let me know! Send me an email at While I have links below to errata pages for older editions of the book, I will not update them after a newer edition is available.

Bonus Content

Once I get the PDF of the book, I’ll be creating a free companion workbook that you can download to help you complete the tasks and organize your efforts. Stay tuned!

Book Covers

These images will help you figure out which edition you have.

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