It’s Time to Quit Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser is by far the most popular on the planet – it runs on 67% of desktop computers globally. But Chrome is also one of the worst for user privacy and it’s about to get even worse. We need to support private alternatives or they may not exist much longer. Google Chrome & […]

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private browser

Which is the Most Private Browser?

[NOTE: See update at the end of this article. Some important new options are available.] Several years ago, I wrote a comprehensive article on choosing a secure and private browser. I called it Browser Safety: Choose Your Weapon. But I decided it was time to update this article and focus instead on privacy. Security is

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Firefox Suggest & Privacy

I’ve long recommended Firefox as the best browser for most people (read this article to understand why). All in all, I find that it’s both secure and private, and it runs on all major devices and platforms. But Google’s Chrome browser remains king of the hill, by a long shot. What you may not know

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gone fission

Gone Fission (and You Should, Too)

Firefox’s new Fission security feature is at once simple and complicated. It’s simple to use, but complicated to understand. But hey, that’s why I’m here. Web browsers today are extremely powerful and complex applications. Much of what we do on our computers these days is done in a web browser. With all the cloud services

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Firefox Private Network

Try Firefox Private Network

[UPDATE: This is currently free while in beta, but in the future may not be.] This will be a simple one: Mozilla (maker of Firefox) is trialing a new, free VPN for its browser and you should use it. It’s called Firefox Private Network. It’s a free plugin for Firefox (which is the browser you

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Switch to Firefox

It’s Time: Switch to Firefox

I’ve written a comprehensive guide to choosing the best web browser (which you should definitely read), but the choice just keeps getting clearer. If you’re not already using it, you really need to switch to Firefox. Privacy vs Security The main point of my browser guide is that there is a big difference between security

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Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day 2019

Rather than write a new article every year, I’ve decided to update my original article on Data Privacy Day. This article tells you how to vastly improve your privacy and guard your data from prying eyes right now. Data Privacy Day 2019 also just happens to exactly coincide with the airing of the 100th episode

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