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Amulet of Entropy

[There are still some of these left – click here] For the past 9 months or so, I’ve been working on a secret project. To maximize the big reveal, my partner and I have kept this under wraps… until now! It’s hard to describe what this is succinctly, unless you happen to be part of

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challenge coin

Return of the Dragon Coins!

[NOTE: This promotion has ended, but I’ll be doing more this year – watch this space.] You asked for it, you got it: the challenge coins are back! Last year, over the course of several months, I designed and commissioned a set of 100 super-cool, security-enhancing dragon challenge coins to give out to new patrons

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The Challenge Coins Are Back!

[NOTE: This promotion is over, but I’m running a new one – click here] Last summer, I introduced a cool new challenge coin as part of a limited time promotion for new patrons – and now they’re back! If you missed them last time, here’s your opportunity to get one of my highly collectible and

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challenge coin

Get Your Official Challenge Coin!

[Editors note: I’m running a new coin promotion – check it out here!] This has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here and I’m super excited to finally announce this! In November 2020, I started brainstorming on something really cool and unique that I could offer my patrons on Patreon. I wanted to

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password haystacks

Need a Bigger (Password) Haystack

The old expression “like finding a needle in a haystack” is usually uttered in frustration, like it’s a bad thing. But today I’m going to give you at least one case where you want that haystack to be huge… massive, even. Because the needle you’re hiding in that haystack is your password. Source of Inspiration

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CONTEST: Spread the Word!

I would like to enlist your aid in getting the word out! I’m doing my best to reach as many people as I can – I feel strongly that people need to have a basic understanding of computer security and online privacy. Obviously my book is one way of reaching people, but right now I’m

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