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Schedule Shift

Just a quick note… I’m shifting my blog and newsletter timing by one week. It will start up again next week and repeat every two weeks from there, as usual. I keep my blog and newsletter in sync with my podcast news shows, and I’m shifting those by a week to accommodate a few things […]

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spread the word

Spread the Word

I self-published the first edition of my book in January 2015. The third edition was picked up by Apress and I just officially started work on the fourth edition! Should be out later this summer. (Suggestions welcome!) About three years ago, I started the newsletter, blog and podcast. This has been quite a journey so

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Carey Parker Author of Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons

Second interview: IoT

My second interview has posted on the George Orwell 2084 site – this one about the Internet of Things, or IoT. As they say, the “S” in “IOT” is for security. In this interview, we talk about the impact that these newly-connected “smart” devices are having on our lives, particularly with respect to our overall

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CONTEST: Spread the Word!

I would like to enlist your aid in getting the word out! I’m doing my best to reach as many people as I can – I feel strongly that people need to have a basic understanding of computer security and online privacy. Obviously my book is one way of reaching people, but right now I’m

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Don’t Reuse Passwords

I’ve been focusing most of my efforts on my new weekly newsletter. But I wanted to make sure some of this info is making it out to my blog, as well. Here’s a little taste of my newsletter. To get this yummy goodness automatically every week, sign up here!   This tip is one of

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Welcome to the new web site!

Welcome to the newly-revamped web site for the book “Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons”! With the book nearly ready to publish, I wanted to make the site much more useful. Let’s take a quick tour… First of all, if you’ve purchased the book, I strongly encourage you to sign up for Book Updates. If I find

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