Deleting Your Way to Better Security

All software has bugs. Therefore, the less software you have, the fewer bugs you have. In other words, the fewer applications and plugins you have installed, the fewer the opportunities there are for your computer or smartphone to be hacked. It’s a mathematical certainty. In the cybersecurity realm, we call this “reducing your attack surface”. […]

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windows bloatware

Take Out the (Windows) Trash

If you’re a Windows PC user, you know the term “bloatware”, or maybe “crapware”. Every consumer PC comes chock full of it. Free trials of games, cloud storage services and antivirus software. Half a dozen “helper” apps from the PC manufacturer. Pre-installed calling, chat, and shopping services. It’s a mess. But these unwanted apps aren’t

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Windows 10 Upgrade

It’s Windows 10 Upgrade Time

If you’re still running Windows 7 on your PC, it’s time to bump up to Windows 10. As of January 14th, Windows 7 will no longer receive software updates. It has reached the end of extended support from Microsoft. That means that when the next Windows bugs are found, your PC will be forever vulnerable.

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A Worrisome Windows Worm

A critical vulnerability has been found in older versions of Microsoft Windows. If you’re affected, you need to patch your operating system immediately (see below). If you know anyone with an older PC, you need to make sure they’re aware of this ticking time bomb. But what you really need to do, frankly, is update

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