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My New Online Privacy & Security Podcast: Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons

I was asked to be a guest on an internet radio show a couple times late last year. The host of that show decided that he needed to focus more on his business, and asked me if I would like to take over his show. I was floored – I’d never considered hosting my own show. I spoke at length with the network’s owner and agreed to give it go! We rebranded the show after my book and the very first episode went live last week (the second episode should be available shortly)! You can find it on the America Out Loud web site, as well as on iTunes. (It will show up on other podcast sites soon.)

Like the book and the newsletter, my goal is to provide timely, practical, easy-to-understand advice for securing your digital devices and guarding your online privacy. I will cover noteworthy news items, interview a guest about an important topic, and answer questions from listeners. Please check it out and tell your friends! If you have a question you’d like me to answer on the air, or if you happen to know of someone who would make a great guest, please drop me a line at “CareyParker” at “”.

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