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Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons Online Security and Privacy Guide FREE Giveaway/ContestI would like to enlist your aid in getting the word out! I’m doing my best to reach as many people as I can – I feel strongly that people need to have a basic understanding of computer security and online privacy. Obviously my book is one way of reaching people, but right now I’m focused on expanding the readership of my free weekly newsletter.

To that end, I’m announcing my first-ever contest! (I’ve never done this before, so bear with me on this.) For the next two weeks (until 11:59pm Eastern on July 24th), I will be asking you to help me sign up as many new people as possible – and to make it worth your while, I’ll be giving out prizes!

Share my newsletter sign-up link (below) with as many people as you can over the next two weeks. Make sure they note your email address on the form, as well, so that you get proper credit! Here are the prizes!

  • If you sign up FIVE new people, I will answer one custom question about security or privacy for you!
  • If you sign up TEN new people, I will send you a free link to download a color PDF version of my book!
  • Whoever signs up the MOST new people (at least ten) will receive a free, signed copy of my book by mail!! (restricted to US, Canada, UK and Europe)

Again, this contest ends at 11:59pm on Sunday, July 24th! Note that all new subscribers are eligible for this contest, as well!!

Now go spread the word!! Here is the link you need to send out for people to sign up:


I will use the “referrer” email addresses to determine who gets prizes, and I’ll email you directly to let you know if and what you win! (If you have any questions, please email me:

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