Dear Carey (Podcast Q&A)

I’m going to start accepting questions from podcast listeners, to be read on-air! I’ll pick out some of the best ones and answer them on the show. To make it more interesting, I’ve got some incentives, too!

First of all, everyone who submits a valid question will be entered into a monthly giveaway! What I give away may vary from month to month, but at least initially I’m planning to give away a free PDF copy of my book!

But what if you could actually ask the question out loud yourself? Well, if you are willing and able to send me an audio file, I’ll actually play your question on the air! How fun would that be? (I hope that’s a rhetorical question.)

How to Send Me Your Question

If you have a burning question about cybersecurity or data privacy, jot it down in an email and send it to Please include the following:

  • Your name, as you’d like me to read it on the air (ex: “Carey from North Carolina”). If it’s a tricky name, please give me some phonetic help (like “rhymes with berry”)
  • Your question, as concisely as you can. Try to limit yourself to 25 words or less. (If you add “Dear Carey” first, you can exclude that from the count. 🙂 )

If you’d like to include further info or context, you can – including links to websites or articles or whatever – but keep the main question phrasing short and sweet. If for some reason you don’t want me to read your name or location, feel free to give me a fake name and/or location or just tell me you’d rather not say. You’ll still be eligible for the giveaway.

How to Send Me An Audio File

Now, if you’d like to actually hear your voice on the show, you can send me an audio file of you asking the question! Just read off the information from above (your name and the short form question).

How do you record this? Well, you can use this simple web app or you can download a free app like Audacity. There are many ways to record your voice – just do a web search. Please use MP3 format!

Then you can use a simple file sharing service like SwissTransfer or FileMail (use “send as link” option). Just upload your file, get a download link, and include this link with the email above. Please include all the other info, too, just in case I have a problem with the audio file.

Monthly Giveaway

To help incentivize all of this, I will enter each submitter (whether I read your question on the air or not) into a monthly giveaway raffle. I’ll randomly draw a winner and send you an email letting you know that you’ve won!

Some caveats:

  • Please send no more than one email per month. If you want to send 2-3 questions in one email, you can, but you’ll only get one entry per month.
  • Note that you can only win once within some reasonable period of time, to be determined by me – but probably something like 6-12 months. You’re free to send more questions, but just know that I’ll limit how often you can win the giveaway.

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