How to Get Your Dragon Challenge Coin

NOTE: This promotion expired on August 31st, 2023. I’ll run another at some point.

It’s been way too long since I’ve made my dragon coins available. And with hacker summer camp fast approaching, I thought now would be a great time to run a promotion for new patrons! I designed and commissioned a set of 100 super-cool, security-enhancing dragon challenge coins to recognize people who have helped others to improve their cybersecurity and privacy. But from time to time I also make them available to folks who support my mission to do the same: my patrons. But that’s not all! I will also be throwing in fun Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons swag! Read on for details…

Dragon Challenge Coin

The coin comes in three different finishes: gold, silver and copper. You can see the gold one below, but for more info and color choices, click here.

dragon coin
Dragon Challenge Coin (gold finish)

You’ll notice that there’s a little nub in the middle of the back and numbers on the edges of the front. That’s because this coin is also a spinning d20 die! You can use this coin, along with the companion site, to generate secure passphrases!

Use the coin as a d20 die to generate random passphrases!

Promotion Details

From now through the end of August (2023), if you sign up for an annual membership at the Castle Guard level or above, I will send you a Dragon Coin Swag Pack! Each swag pack will contain one of the spiffy new dragon challenge coins in the color finish of your choice (gold, silver or copper) and two FDSD stickers. But wait, it gets better! If you sign up for a year at the Dragon Slayer level, you will also get a yellow FDSD can koozie and custom 3D-printed castle coin stand! See below for images.

Dragon Swag

NOTE: Due to the costs and hassles of international shipping, I will only be able to ship the coins and swag to Castle Guard and Knight-Errant patrons inside the United States; for Dragon Slayers, however, I will ship internationally (within reason).

There are a lot of great benefits for being a patron, including access to our private Discord community, weekly bonus podcast content, and even an InfoSec book club! You can see all the perks here. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at!

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