The Challenge Coins Are Back!

[NOTE: This promotion is over, but I’m running a new one – click here]

Last summer, I introduced a cool new challenge coin as part of a limited time promotion for new patrons – and now they’re back! If you missed them last time, here’s your opportunity to get one of my highly collectible and security-enhancing d20 coins! See my original promotion article for all the details on the coin itself – pictures, video, and how they can be used to significantly increase your security. You can also check out the related website.

I originally minted 100 of these coins in three different finishes to give to patrons and special friends of the podcast: 50 gold, 30 silver and 20 copper. At this point, about half of them have already been given out. Will I mint more of these? Possibly, but it’s far from certain. So this may be your last opportunity to get one!

See below for all the details of the current promotion!

challenge coin

October 2021 Coin Promotion

Like last time, I will be giving away challenge coins to new patrons who sign up by the deadline. This promotion will end at 11pm Eastern on Tuesday, Nov 2. If you become a patron before then, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Castle Guard ($5): 1 coin, choose a finish
  • Knight-Errant ($10): 2 coins, choose up to two finishes

Note that the copper coins are getting scarce, so if you really want that color specifically, don’t procrastinate!

Patreon won’t let me do annual memberships, unfortunately – so the way I have to work this promotion is that you must stay a patron for at least two months to get the reward. (And since Patreon will charge you immediately for the first month, it really ends up being more like a month before you qualify.)

Other Patron Benefits

Becoming a patron has other benefits, too! Patrons have access to my private Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons Discord server, which will allow you to chat directly with me and my other patrons! Don’t worry if you’ve never used or even heard of Discord – it’s free and easy to use! At Castle Guard and up, you get sneak peeks at each week’s podcast notes with links to all the articles and websites I mention in the show. My Knight-Errant level, you can record a tagline for the show and receive a special on-air announcement of your knighthood! And finally, my new Dragon Slayers will get special access to some secret projects I’m working on!

Click the button below to get the details, become a patron and get your very own challenge coin!

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