New Year’s 2021 Giveaway!

[This contest has ended – congrats to all the winners!!]

To celebrate the new year and the 200th episode of my podcast, I’m giving away a TON of cool stuff from several great companies and organizations worth over $1800! There will be TEN winners and you have until January 16th to enter!

2021 New Year's Resolutions Giveaway


There will be ten total winners. Each winner will receive the following:

In addition to those, the ten prize bundles will be as follows:

  1. Librem 5 Linux smartphone from Purism ($799 value)
  2. Winston Privacy box + one year’s subscription ($99 value)
  3. Signed paperback copy of Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons by Carey Parker & a cool pair of socks from DuckDuckGo ($45 value)
  4. Signed hard copy of Attack Surface by Cory Doctorow ($28 value)
  5. Apress book bundle ($120 value):
    1. Data vs Democracy by Kris Shafer
    2. The Introverted Presenter by Richard Tierney
    3. How to Speak Tech by Vinay Trivedi
    4. Plan Your Financial Future by Keith R. Fevurly
  6. Gift card for ProtonMail ($50 value)
  7. Gift card for ProtonMail ($50 value)
  8. Gift card for ProtonMail ($50 value)
  9. Free year subscription to Fastmail Standard service ($60 value)
  10. Free one-year digital subscription to Consumer Reports ($39 value)

The official giveaway details are on the raffle site – click below to get those details and enter!

Deadline & Announcement Dates

You have until midnight Eastern time on Saturday, January 16th.

The winners will be announced first on the podcast which will air around 5am Eastern on Monday, January 18th! Subscribe using the button below! (Of course, I’ll also use the entry email to directly contact all the winners, but they will be first announced on the podcast.)

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