Data Privacy Week 2024

Once again, the official schedule for international Data Privacy Week falls on the wrong week for my writing schedule, but that’s okay… every week is Data Privacy Week here! Instead of re-writing an entire article with my top privacy tips every year, I’ve taken to just posting a quick note (this one) and referring you […]

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new years resolutions 2024

New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

Another year has come and gone. And with the new year upon us, let’s resolve to take some affirmative steps to improve our privacy and security! I’ve split the list up into three parts: Basics, Next Steps and Going Beyond. New Year’s Resolutions: Basics These are my top tips which I recommend all the time.

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best of 2023

Best of 2023

Once a year, I look back and pick my favorite privacy and security resources: articles, podcasts, tools, websites, books, apps, you name it. I have an extensive Resources page with a larger list, but these are my current top pics. These would be great to share with others, too. Top Articles These are the top

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domain name

How to Use Email Aliases (Part 2)

In my last article, I told you why using email aliases can both improve your security and protect your privacy. There are two main options for this today: an email aliasing service and using your own custom domain name. Today I’ll tell you about the latter. (If you haven’t read the previous article, definitely start

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How to Use Email Aliases (Part 1)

There are two parts to every login: a user name and a password. We in the security community talk a lot about the password part. But that’s because we usually take the user name part for granted. Today, user names are almost always your email address. You probably only have one of those, maybe two.

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best & worst gifts

Best & Worst Gifts: 2023

The gift-giving season is nigh, along with all the “Black Friday” sales. So it’s once again time for my annual gift guide for products you should consider or avoid if you care about security and privacy. Overview Companies are scrambling to make all of our devices “smart”. The first push was connecting everything to the

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Cellular IoT

The Rise of Cellular IoT

Connecting all our stuff to the internet – making devices “smart” – brings with it a lot of risks. Besides the more obvious cybersecurity vulnerabilities, these devices are also collecting a lot of personal data, offsetting razor thin profit margins by monetizing our data. In most cases, we can limit this data exfiltration using outbound

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It’s Time to Try Proton

Email has been around for literally decades. But security and privacy were not included in the original design. There are several solutions to this oversight, but one stands out for me. I firmly believe you should try Proton. Privacy Not Included Email as we know it today was first developed in the 1990s, using open

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How to Catch a Phish

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and one of the themes this year is Recognize & Report Phishing. I also just had an informative interview with Nick Oles on phishing based on his book, “How to Catch a Phish“. So let’s do a quick refresher on how to spot and handle a phishing scam. Catch a

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iOS 17 Security & Privacy

Apple’s iOS 17, released last week, contains several interesting privacy and security features. Here’s a quick overview. Lockdown Mode Apple introduced Lockdown Mode in iOS 16 which was designed to protect iPhones against “extremely rare and highly sophisticated cyber attacks”. While Apple didn’t mention the NSO Group’s Pegasus by name, they did say that the

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