Reducing My Google Footprint

One of my personal goals for 2022 was to “de-Google” my life. I’ve been a huge user of Google’s products for years, so this was not going to be easy. But Google is an ad company and they’ve hoovered up way too much of my data. So I wanted to reduce my dependency on their …

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De-Google My Life, Part 4

[This is a multiple-part series – go here for the full list] Welcome to Part 4 of my De-Google series. If you haven’t done so already, I’d start with the first article (strategy), even if you want to read the other articles out of order. You’ll find nice jump links as the bottom of the …

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De-Google My Life, Part 3

[This is a multiple-part series – go here for the full list] Welcome to my series on reducing my Google footprint, where I explain how to de-Google your life. So far, I’ve explained how to asses your Google privacy “damage” and staunch the “bleeding” of further information. Then I explained how to replace Android, Google …

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5th Anniversary Giveaway!

I started my podcast, Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons, on March 8th, 2017. Hard to believe I’ve been doing this every week for five years! The show has come a long way over these years. And I decided to celebrate this milestone with a massive giveaway! Scroll down to see the prizes and enter the giveaway! …

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My De-Google Strategy

[This is a multiple-part series – go here for the full list] In preparation for an interview I just did for the Malwarebytes Lock and Code Podcast, I put together a strategy for my “de-Google” project. It’s honestly how I should have started this entire series of articles. But better late than never! (When you’re …

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Shields Up

[Updates: I’m not the only person saying this.] Russia has invaded Ukraine. It’s a naked act of aggression that cannot stand. Certainly my thoughts and prayers go out to those in Ukraine and their loved ones wherever they may be. If I find a way to directly support the Ukrainian people, I’ll do so. In …

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De-Google My Life, Part 2

This is a multiple-part series – go here for the full list] I’ve already tackled getting rid of Google Chrome, Google Search and Android, so now we move to Gmail, Gcal and Contacts. I’ve had my Gmail address for 18 years now. I thought it was so cool when it came out in 2004 that …

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De-Google My Life, Part 1

This is a multiple-part series – go here for the full list] One of my main privacy goals for 2022 is to minimize my Google footprint. I don’t think I can get to zero Google usage, mostly because so many people I know are still using it. But I’m going to get as close as …

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Data Privacy Week

Data Privacy Week 2022

This week is Data Privacy Week! Until this year, it was Data Privacy Day, so I guess this makes it even more important? Of course, we should be thinking about our privacy every day, but we have busy lives and sometimes we just need a reminder to stop and take stock. I’ve fully updated my …

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2022: New Year’s Resolutions

Well… 2021 wasn’t what we’d hoped it would be, at least at a macro scale. The pandemic is still raging and I daresay the global political situation has been generally crappy. But when that calendar rolls over to January 1st, we have this social contract of breaking with the past and taking a fresh, hopeful …

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