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Give the Gift of Security & Privacy

[UPDATED 11/172023: I’ve added even more coupons!] Every year, I publish an annual guide to the best and worst gifts, based on two and only two criteria: privacy and security. But I decided that I wanted to actually create a gift that people could give to others that would help them protect their devices and […]

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Your TV is Watching You

For those of you who are not familiar with what I’m about to describe, you’re probably going to think I’m off my rocker. But I’m here to tell you: your smart TV is almost surely spying on you. I’m not just talking about the apps you’re running, which of course are spying on you. I’m

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Reducing My Google Footprint

One of my personal goals for 2022 was to “de-Google” my life. I’ve been a huge user of Google’s products for years, so this was not going to be easy. But Google is an ad company and they’ve hoovered up way too much of my data. So I wanted to reduce my dependency on their

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2022: New Year’s Resolutions

Well… 2021 wasn’t what we’d hoped it would be, at least at a macro scale. The pandemic is still raging and I daresay the global political situation has been generally crappy. But when that calendar rolls over to January 1st, we have this social contract of breaking with the past and taking a fresh, hopeful

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Privacy is Power: Review

I don’t do book reviews often. (If you’re counting, that’s two.) But I’m utterly compelled to write about Privacy is Power by Carissa Véliz. I’m truly not prone to hyperbole, but I feel this is one of the most important books of our time. You need to read it. Our privacy is under assault like

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LastPass Changing Its Free Tier

[Update Jan 2, 2023 – see this article] As you know, I’ve been using and recommending LastPass for years. It’s my favorite password manager – a tool we all need and should be using. But for some reason I can’t fathom, LastPass has decided to remove functionality from their free tier. Specifically, this is what

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new years resolutions

2020 New Year’s Resolutions

[Note: See the latest list for 2021 here.] 2019 is almost gone and 2020 is upon us. You know what that means: New Year’s Resolutions! I’ll let you worry about signing up for a gym membership or quitting smoking or whatever… I’m here to give you concrete steps you can take next year that will

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Equifax settlement

How to Get Your Equifax Settlement

Two years after arguably the worst data breach in US history, the Federal Trade Commission has proposed an Equifax settlement to provide some restitution for the 148 million affected Americans. Unfortunately, it may not help you much. The Devil’s in the Details First of all, note that the settlement is still just a proposal. It

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Data Privacy Checklist

[Updated: Jan 27, 2024] I’ve removed the introduction to this list. If you’re not already convinced that privacy is a basic human right and that we (as consumers and as citizens) need to actively demonstrate our desire for privacy, read this. Here’s your action plan for Data Privacy Week. You can probably do most of

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