I have a weekly podcast called Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons. The show is a mix of cybersecurity news and interviews of prominent people in the industry. But like the book, the shows are targeted squarely at everyday, non-technical people – covering the info that everyone needs to know in a way that’s accessible and practical. I’m very proud to have made the 10 Essential Privacy Podcasts list!

Below is a sampling of the interview shows.

Bruce Schneier (cybersecurity guru, author, speaker, etc!)

Cory Doctorow (author, activist, journalist & blogger)

Troy Hunt (HaveIBeenPwned)

Phil Zimmermann (creator of Pretty Good Privacy, PGP)

Marshall Erwin (Chief Security Officer, Mozilla)

Dr. Ann Cavoukian (privacy expert)

John Graham-Cumming (CTO of Cloudflare)

Ladar Levison (Founder & CEO of Lavabit)

Lawrence Abrams (Creator/Owner of Bleeping Computer)

Dr. Andy Yen (Founder, CEO of ProtonMail)

Adam Schwartz (Sr Staff Attorney at EFF)

Michael Kaiser (Exec. Directory of NCSA)