I have a weekly podcast called Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons. The show is a mix of cybersecurity news and interviews of prominent people in the industry. But like the book, the shows are targeted squarely at everyday, non-technical people – covering the info that everyone needs to know in a way that’s accessible and practical.

I’m very proud to have made the 10 Essential Privacy Podcasts list as well as Threat Technology’s 20 Best Computer Security Podcasts of 2021.

Below is a sampling of the interview shows. Note that you can also find my recent podcasts on YouTube, as well – click here.

Kashmir Hill (Journalist, author)

Jeff Moss (Founder of DEF CON, Black Hat)

Joseph Cox (journalist, author)

Cult of the Dead Cow (Hacker group)

Bruce Schneier (Cybersecurity guru, author)

Dina Temple-Raston (NPR, Click Here Podcast)

Cory Doctorow (Author, activist & blogger)

Dr. Andy Yen (CEO/Founder of ProtonMail)

Ben Adida (CEO/Director of VotingWorks)

Harri Hursti (Election security expert)

Troy Hunt (Creator of HaveIBeenPwned)

Phil Zimmermann (Creator of PGP)

John Graham-Cumming (CTO of Cloudflare)

Ladar Levison (CEO/Founder of Lavabit)

Lawrence Abrams (Creator/Owner of Bleeping Computer)

Adam Schwartz (Sr Staff Attorney at EFF)

Josh Corman (Founder of I Am the Cavalry)

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