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Here’s my most recent interview, with Henry from Techlore:

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  • Threat Technology: 20 Best Computer Security Podcasts of 2021
  • The Privacy Issue: “10 Essential Privacy Podcasts” list. Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons will leave you entertained and educated, pondering your place in the digital landscape and coming back each week for more.
  • Defending Digital. This book jumped straight to the top of my list! It expertly addresses a range of security and privacy topics related to computers, phones, networks, Internet usage, communication, and parental controls.
  • Digital Citizen review: 5 out of 5.  “Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons is one of the few practical, everyday, to-the-point guides to online security that I’ve read in years. There’s no fluff and filler, just real-world advice. The writing is easygoing and readable and the author makes even complex subjects easy to understand.”
  • TipTopSecurity. “Parker does an awesome job of bringing computer safety to average users and making it relevant. He’s able to make advanced security concepts fun and interesting while not compromising on knowledge.”
  • “I think he’s done a great job.” – Leo LaPorte (Security Now)
  • This is a great book for anyone with a computer. Carey is a real expert on the subject and writes in a fun style that makes the topic approachable and most importantly–ACTIONABLE. I recommend this book for all.” – Alan Forbes, The Joy of PHP.

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