Below is a list of some of my favorite web resources on security and privacy. Most of these were in my book, but I’ve added some others here and plan to keep this list up to date. You can also check out my Data Privacy Checklist.

Fighting the Good Fight

The following organizations are doing some excellent work on behalf of everyday people. Take a look at their web sites, and if you like what you see, send them a little money. If they send you a sticker or magnet, proudly display it where others will see.


You can learn a lot from these documentaries. I highly recommend them.

Blogs & Web Sites
  • Security Now! This is where I really got into security. While it can get a little technical sometimes, it’s always fun – and full of random other fun stuff like sci-fi books and movies.
  • Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons. (Tooting my own horn proudly.)
Technical Web Sites

These web sites are geared toward more technically-savvy types.

  • Schneier on Security. Security expert Bruce Schneier’s excellent blog.
  • Gibson Research. Great site containing free web security tools from my favorite security podcaster, Steve Gibson. Includes ShieldsUp!, SpinRite (hard drive rescue utility), and lots of other cool stuff.
  • Project Zero. Google’s security initiative, promoting web security and privacy.