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It’s been way too long since I’ve given away some of my highly-collectible, security-enhancing dragon challenge coins. I’ve also been working with some of my favorite security and privacy companies to offer an ongoing benefit to my annual Patreon subscribers. Read on for details!

Dragon Challenge Coins

A few years ago, I minted a limited set of 100 dragon challenge coins. They were quite popular and I burned through them pretty quickly. So in 2022 I updated the design to include my new logo and minted 100 more. I encourage you to read the longer article for full images and background, but here’s the TL;DR version. Start with the image below, which shows the front and back of the gold colored coin (they also come in silver and copper).

You may have noticed the little nub in the middle of the back and the numbers around the edge of the front. This is no ordinary challenge coin – it’s also a d20 die! You can spin it on a table and generate random numbers from 1-20!

Using the coin as a d20 die!

And using the diceware technique and my website, you can generate secure passphrases! So, this coin isn’t just eye candy, it can actually help you increase your security!

Treasure Chest

While the primary objective of being a patron is to support causes and groups, I’ve striven to offer perks for my patrons to show my appreciation and create a fun community. My patrons have access to the following premium benefits:

  • A private Discord server for discussions with me and other patrons
  • A bonus podcast featuring additional Q&A with my podcast guests
  • A special private podcast called Merlin’s Musings that is more technical and personal
  • A privacy/security book club focusing on titles that are entertaining as well as informative (currently reading Pegasus)
  • A curated list of privacy and security articles that were candidates for my news shows
  • A view behind the scenes and insider information on upcoming guests and topics

And of course, this includes access to historical bonus material, of which there is now a pretty extensive catalog.

But today I’m adding one more benefit. I’ve secured several promo codes for free trials of products from some of my favorite security and privacy companies, which I’m putting into a virtual “treasure chest”. Whenever you sign up for one of the higher patron tiers for an annual membership, you can choose one of these products to try out! Each promo code should cover a year’s subscription to their service.

Patron Promotion Details

So here’s the deal. Again, this has two parts, one of which is only for a limited time.

Part 1: Dragon challenge coin. From now till the end of April (2024), if you subscribe for one year (annual membership) at one of the following Patreon tiers, I will send you a dragon challenge coin in your choice of gold, silver or copper colors. (Note that international shipping is expensive and painful, so I can only do that for the high tier.) I’ll throw in a couple Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons stickers, too.

  • Knight-Errant (US only)
  • Dragon Slayer (North America, UK, EU – ask about other destinations)

Part 2: Treasure Chest. Additionally, as an ongoing promotion, you will also get to trial one of the following products:

This treasure chest benefit will last at least until they run out (I have 15 each), but I’m hoping to keep this going and add new products to the list. Once you become a patron, you can help me decide what to add next!

So, what are you waiting for? Click the big button below! 🙂

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