Truly Secure Mobile Communication (for Free!)

It’s been almost two years now and the bombshells from the Snowden leaks are still falling. If we didn’t believe it before, we must all now acknowledge that we simply cannot trust that our regular mobile communications are secure – that includes phone calls as well as text messaging. While I believe in my heart that companies like Apple are trying to minimize illicit access to these communications, their system and their software are closed and proprietary – and therefore, we can never be truly sure.

The only solution to this is 100% transparency: the software must be open for inspection and auditing. It’s the only way we can know what’s going on behind the scenes.

And thankfully, Open Whisper Systems has come to the rescue! Over the past few years, they have developed some fantastic apps for truly secure phone calls and text messaging – all completely open source. Co-founded by security researcher Moxie Marlinspike, these tools are the real deal – praised by both Edward Snowden and the EFF.

Originally developed as two separate tools for Android called RedPhone and TextSecure, they have since been combined into a new app called Signal for iPhone/iPad. (The Android apps will eventually be consolidated under the same name.) These apps will allow you to make truly secure phone calls and send text messages that simply cannot be cracked – anywhere around the world, for free. It doesn’t get much better than that. You use your existing phone number to register, making it easy to add your friends and family at contacts.

You can read all about how to install and set up these apps here:

Here’s the important part: we should ALL immediately download, install, and use these apps. And we need to encourage everyone we know to do the same. The only way this works is if everyone does it. And I mean everyone. Your mom. Your neighbor. Your kids. Your friends. Everyone. It’s not about having something to hide. You’re a human and privacy is a human right. When we’re being watched, we act differently (see this TED talk if you’re skeptical). The only way we can fight back against dragnet surveillance and avoid the Panopticon is to “go dark” – all of us. If you need more convincing, check out this wonderful essay by Bruce Schneier.

I’ll give you one more reason to download and use these apps: you will be registering your concern for privacy and showing support for groups that are taking steps to preserve this most basic of human rights.

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