Welcome to the new web site!

Welcome to the newly-revamped web site for the book “Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons”! With the book nearly ready to publish, I wanted to make the site much more useful. Let’s take a quick tour…

First of all, if you’ve purchased the book, I strongly encourage you to sign up for Book Updates. If I find any major errors in the book or if something happens in the real world that significantly changes the recommendations in the book, I will use this mailing list to send out updates. You will also be notified of new editions to the book as they are published.

The Book Links tab has a handy list of all the web links in the book, in order. If you have the paper copy of the book, or if your eReader has no way to access web links, then you can use this page to give you quick access.

Obviously, the Buy The Book tab will provide you with links to buy this book!

This main page will be reserved for my new blog. You can use the RSS link at the upper right to subscribe, or just visit the site from time to time.

I have a Twitter account, too. I’m not sure how much I’ll be using it now that I have the blog. However, you should be able to see my most recent tweets at the right, as well.

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